Learning Map; State of this site

One medium I’ve become quite excited by and begun to use extensively since my last post to this blog is Roam Research! (Which has, in turn, defined a whole new category of personal knowledge management tools that share its basic structure.)

Since early 2021, I’ve been intermittently gathering resources I’d like to have available if teaching full-time somewhere down the road—as well as exploring the structure of the medium in which I’m gathering those resources—in a publicly-viewable Roam Research graph I’ve been calling my “Learning Map”. Here’s its (currently rather minimal, as of this writing) “Welcome” page: https://roamresearch.com/#/app/georgews/page/xtwj0esQ6

There’s definitely a learning curve to using tools like these and with time I hope to add some “onboarding” to the Welcome page and to the Learning Map in general make navigating a little smoother. For the time being I suggest approaching it as an explorer, if you’re interested, simply following whatever calls out to you. If you want to be able to get back to something you find in there, saving the link in your address bar is not a bad strategy for now. (The link changes while navigating the map: each “page” and each “block” in the map has its own URL. The URL for a block shows up in the address bar when that block is “focused”, meaning it’s showing at the top of the webpage after clicking on its bullet point.)

Meanwhile, my paid WordPress subscription for this site expired a few days ago, and I’ve decided to let it stay expired for now, since I’ve not been particularly active on here after Student Teaching, and have been thinking lately about how else I might want to use the childrenastheorists.com domain name in any case. What this means for you browsing the site is you’re probably seeing some (possibly rather trashy) ads from WordPress, and that the address in the address bar begins with childrenastheorists.wordpress.com instead of just childrenastheorists.com.

Longer-term, even if the root childrenastheorists.com domain is serving a different purpose, I hope to set up redirects that enable direct links to existing posts (provided they start with childrenastheorists.com and not childrenastheorists.wordpress.com) on this site to continue working into the future (even if at that point they may point to the same content in a different presentation).

For now I’ve made childrenastheorists.com redirect to childrenastheorists.wordpress.com (no longer “cloaking” it in the address bar) and direct childrenastheorists.com page links should still work (via the redirect) provided they begin with http and not https.

Here’s to whatever comes next…!